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Changing the Way the World Thinks About Equity Investing

ERS began researching how to create “safe” investment strategies with profits in 2013.

Using data science, ERS spent nine years developing computerized methodologies that define, measure, quantify and rate the strength, durability, and resiliency of a company’s financial condition and identifies when it is weakening.

Investment Solutions & Services

ERS’s suite of solutions automate the process to identify which stocks are risky: either too expensive, or too financially stretched for investors to hold. Utilizing ERS’s risk measures to drive portfolio management decisions leads to better investment outcomes.

Stop Struggling With Obsolete Tools to Outperform Your Competitors

It’s time for truly innovative and original thinking.

Away from the noise of financial capitals of the world, our team was able to avoid the limited perspective of ‘groupthink’ and accomplish a real breakthrough.

ERS is based in Rhode Island and staffed by talent around the United States, servicing financial institutions everywhere.

Science Transforms Investing: Alpha Directions™ Focused on Long-Term Gains

In a 22-year backtest, Alpha Directions™ bested the S&P 500, generating 21.3% returns vs the S&P’s 7.5% and an ending value 14 times that of a passive S&P investment.

Our set of equity risk measures allow us to identify and invest in well managed companies that are selling at a price that allows room for appreciation.

ERS – Safer and More Profitable Investment Technologies

ERS’s solutions are based on our proprietary risk ratings, listed below. These ratings are used as performance indicators that rate levels of probable performance of a business:

  • ​Financial Risk Indicator™ (FRI)
  • Price Risk Indicator™ (PRI)
  • Equity Risk Indicator™ (ERI)

Investing Safer and More Profitable: Utilizing ERS’s Risk Measures to Drive Portfolio Management Decisions

Until now, the only tools available to help portfolio managers were sub-par and did not enable managers to consistently outperform the S&P 500.

Existing tools are now obsolete.

Why ERS? ERS’s New Investment Strategies: Providing Superior Long-term Returns

ERS draws on nearly a decade of research utilizing data science to deliver safer investments.

ERS Partners can have confidence in offering custom products to enhance their competitive position in order to drive growth and client retention.

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